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Ongoing service and support for small business owners and employees.

Managing your benefits is easy with online tools and personal service.

Friendly customer service representative.

Robust online support and personal service are all standard.

Phone Support

Employer Customer Service representatives are available weekdays 8:00am-7:00pm EST.
Call 1 (888) UHC-HLP1 for help with eligibility claims and billing.

Online Resources & Services

Access to the information you and your employees need to get the most from your health plan. Log-in to Employer eServices® for more information.

Laptop on employer eservices page.
Laptop on employer eservices page.

Manage your business, not your health plan.

Our Employer eServices® site is designed to save time and money by streamlining online eligibility, enrollment, billing and reporting.

Maintain virtually every aspect of benefits administration online, and on your time.

Employees get great support too.

We provide tools and programs to make getting care, and staying healthy, easy for everyone. Add to that our award-winning customer service and you get happier, healthier employees.

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Employees at a meeting looking at you.
Are you a member looking for help? Call the toll-free number on your health plan ID card.
Employees at a meeting looking at you.

We also provide additional support in the following areas:

  • Pregnancy support
  • Chronic disease management
  • Centers of excellence for special conditions
  • Emotional and behavioral health

Are you ready?

Offer award-winning benefits for your employees in a few simple steps.