Create a complete benefits package for your employees with funding options that fit your budget.

Whether you want to help buy Dental, Vision and Life coverage, or just offer your employees the option to take advantage of group plans and rates, we have options that make creating a complete benefits package easy and affordable.

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You could earn Packaged Savings when you offer dental, vision and life to your employees.

It’s up to you

You decide if you want to contribute or have your employees cover the cost of Dental, Vision or Life product offerings from UnitedHealthcare.

Split the Costs


Pay 50% or more of the premium for employees who elect to purchase coverage for additional products. You only contribute to your employee’s premium, they are responsible for additional family members.


You get Packaged Savings when you contribute!

Your Employees...

Enjoy coverage at a reduced cost to them, making them happier and healthier. They also have the option to buy up for any family members they choose to cover on their own.


Why is offering an employee-funded option better than buying an individual plan?

Access to plans they couldn’t afford on their own

Access to plans they couldn’t afford on their own

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Richer plans with better benefits

Richer plans with better benefits

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More affordable

More affordable premiums

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Employee-funded benefits are a great way to offer a more complete benefits package at no cost to you and no obligation to your employees.

Make it easier on yourself

Packaging benefits has other advantages too!

Easier for You

  • One account team
  • One enrollment process
  • One bill

Easier for Your Employees

  • One member portal
  • One member-focused service philosophy
  • One partner for health and wellness needs

Learn More About Our Benefits

Dental Coverage

Our dental products make it easy to find a plan that’s right for you — with the convenience and simplicity you need and the options you want.

We offer a full suite of dental plan options, each with a different level of choice, coverage and savings. Plus these benefits and more:

Some of the nation’s largest networks

Our national dental network provides the right access to the right care with more than 90,000 unique providers and more than 240,000 access points.

Substantial network savings

Our network is designed to make affordable dental care accessible. Our large network makes it easy for your employees to keep costs down by staying in-network for the services they need.

Easy administrative process

Employer eServices® is designed to save time and money by streamlining online eligibility, enrollment, billing and reporting. Manage virtually every aspect of benefits administration online.

Oral cancer screenings

Our coverage for light contrast screening, the newest in early non-invasive oral cancer detection technology, is an effective way of detecting pre-cancer and oral cancer as a complement to the traditional visual inspection of the mouth.

Online treatment cost calculator

Our online treatment cost calculator provides information on procedures, providers, and even estimated prices to encourage choices that increase savings and improve health.

Optional enhanced coverage for dental implants

Our plans offer optional coverage for dental implants which provide many benefits over dentures and bridges, including improved appearance, durability, convenience, improved speech, improved comfort, easier eating, and overall improved oral health.

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Vision Coverage

The clear choice in vision benefits.

Vision care can be an integral part of your employees’ overall health coverage. And, we can make it affordable for you. Choose the plan that works best for your business — and you’ll help your employees significantly reduce their out-of-pocket Vision expenses.

Our comprehensive Vision program offers excellent eye care benefits.

Annual eye exams

Regular eye exams can detect early warning signs of Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and vascular disease. Our plan includes a fully covered complete eye exam, including a case history and an exam for eye illness and vision impairment.

A network for every need

Our customizable network, including private practices and retail providers, extends to more than 53,000 access points across the country, providing plenty of personalized and convenient care options to choose from to better meet your needs.

Flexible frame coverage

We’ve got options, so everyone can get the frames they want. Our frame allowance can be used to fully cover many popular frames. For frames that cost more than the allowance, a discount is applied to the overage, further reducing out-of-pocket costs.

Broad contact lens benefits

Our benefits cover, after copayment, fitting & evaluation fees, many brands of contacts, and up to two follow-up visits. Employees can apply their allowances to the purchase of contacts not covered in our plan and receive savings when using our online ordering program.

Lens options

Employees participating in our vision program receive discounts on popular lens options like progressive lenses, high index lenses, anti-reflective coatings and more. Standard scratch-resistant coating is included at no charge.

Laser vision correction

Offer your employees access to discounted laser vision correction procedures through our partnerships with the Laser Vision Network of America and LasikPlus® Vision Centers.

With our Vision plans, your employees will save money. No matter the frames, styles or lenses they select, their out-of-pocket costs will be greatly reduced. Offer your employees the freedom to choose their treatment options and eyewear—all at considerable savings.

Did you know?

Eighty-four percent of people polled in a recent study said a vision plan is very or somewhat important to them.1 So, by offering vision coverage, you may be increasing employee satisfaction and commitment.

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Life Insurance

One of the industry’s fastest-growing group life and disability programs.

Our Life plans give you access to multiple valuable features, including:

Basic Life

Our Basic Life plan includes a $25,000 flat Benefit Amount, a $25,000 Guarantee Issue, and Accelerated Benefits. It also offers beneficiary services such as grief consultation, financial/legal assistance, and assistance with a variety of emergency travel-related services.

Dependent Life

Our Dependent Life insurance, available as an extension to our Basic Life plan, offers additional support of a flat Benefit Amount of $2,000 for spouses and $1,000 for each child. Additional services include a Wealth Management Account and Will & Trust Preparation Services.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Our Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance provides your employees with additional insurance coverage for the loss of life or injuries sustained in an accident on or off the job. All of our Life insurance plans offer this benefit.


When an employee’s enrollment terminates, they are entitled to convert to an individual policy offered by the carrier of their plan. They are not required to provide evidence of insurability.

Waiver of Premium

If an employee becomes totally disabled before their 60th birthday and cannot perform the occupation for which they are qualified, their premium will be waived if they submit proof of disability between nine and twelve months.

Accelerated Death Benefits

The Accelerated Death Benefit allows advance payment of part (based on policy language) of the insured person’s life insurance. It may be paid to a person in a lump sum once during their lifetime.

Our Life plans offer the following competitive advantages:

Financial strength

Our benefits received an A+ rating by Standard and Poor’s (UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company).

Flexible funding options

Most insurance benefit plans can be either employer-funded or employee-pay-all.

Customized insurance plan designs

We offer flexible insurance plan designs with a variety of benefit options and benefit amounts.

Value-added services

Members get access to grief counseling, financial and legal assistance. They also receive referrals to licensed clinicians, financial consultants and attorneys for beneficiaries.

Enjoy flexible options, value-added service and industry-leading growth — only with our Life plans.

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Funding and product offering — the choice is yours

You can fund any of these specialty products in the way that best suits your budget. Just add them on top of your Medical Insurance once you’ve generated a quote.

Offer your employees options, and control your costs.

It's unlikely that a single health plan can fit everyone's needs so why not let them choose their own coverage? With Multi-Choice your small business can offer several plans to choose from without taking on extra cost. Employees get control over their health coverage, your business gets controlled costs.