Choosing a health care plan for your business would be easy if all your employees were the same. But they're not.

So why not offer multiple plans and control your costs at the same time? UnitedHealthcare Dual-Option® is easy, automatic and personal for you and your employees.

Here's how it works.

The Problem

All your employees are unique, so how do you offer one health plan that will work for all of them while keeping your costs under control?


You offer choice.

We call it Dual-Option and it's really easy to do!

You'll choose a base plan that works for your budget, then another that fits your employees needs at no additional cost to you.

You can add, edit or delete plans anytime and create a totally custom package, too. It's up to you!

First things first, think about your employees so you can consider their needs.

single employee

A young single who will trade a higher deductible and smaller network for a lower monthly premium.


An employee who wants a plan that is easy to use with an affordable premium and deductible for their family.

professional employee

A professional who prefers a higher premium, a low deductible and wants an HSA.

Then use our tools to choose the plans that will work best for everyone.

You choose a bronze level plan because...

Doesn't use coverage very much
Only visits a few providers
Prefers a lower monthly premium

You choose a gold level plan because...

Uses more often than when younger
Needs more access to varied providers
Higher premium, lower deductible

"That sounds great... but won't that cost me more money?"

Nope, that's where the magic of Dual-Option comes in!

Well, it's not really magic. Let us show you how it's done.

magic hat with bronze medal popping out

Ok, it's a little magic.

We use the first plan you chose to calculate your portion of the cost.

With Dual-Option you select a plan to base your contribution on, called your base plan. That means you can select an affordable option as your base while still offering a second plan with richer benefits. Employees who want that richer coverage can then 'buy up' to the higher cost plan, but there's no additional cost to you.

You choose what percentage of the base plan costs to pay.

Your contribution percentage will automatically be set at your state's minimum amount, usually somewhere around 50%. Regardless of your employee's medical plan choices, your contribution amount is pre-determined and does not change.

What percentage of medical would you like to contribute?
You Pay
They Pay

The amount you pay is set at

now it's up to your employees.

single employee


family professional employee


Employees select a plan that fits their needs. Your contribution is applied. They pay the difference.

You Pay Employees Pay

It doesn't matter which plan each employee chooses. You pay a pre-defined amount. They cover the rest.

Everybody wins...

Your employees get the power of choice, you get controlled, more predictable health care costs.
The great part?

It's so easy!

Let's get started.

You can build an affordable, flexible benefits package in just a few simple steps.

Offer your employees options, and control your costs.

It's unlikely that a single health plan can fit everyone's needs so why not let them choose their own coverage? With Multi-Choice your small business can offer several plans to choose from without taking on extra cost. Employees get control over their health coverage, your business gets controlled costs.