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The Value of Networks

Our commitment to providing you with health coverage solutions includes offering an expansive network, both nationally and locally. This allows us to offer a seamless and easy-to-use experience, while delivering fully-integrated coverage you can count on.

What’s a network?

We’re glad you asked. Our networks are comprised of hospitals, physicians, and other healthcare professionals working together in order to optimize efficiency and streamline health care.

How do you define a network?

Healthcare providers that have contracted with UnitedHealthcare to provide services.

Why are networks important?

Typically, network providers help improve the quality of care at a lower cost.

Are there multiple networks available?

Yes, be aware there are often multiple networks available within a state to choose from.

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It's unlikely that a single health plan can fit everyone's needs so why not let them choose their own coverage? With Multi-Choice your small business can offer several plans to choose from without taking on extra cost. Employees get control over their health coverage, your business gets controlled costs.